Best Bonsai Shears and Scissors for 2021

Bonsai trees are beautiful and makes the environment more beautiful with their unique presence.

To maintain Bonsai tree scissors are shears are used and are a vital tool for pruning difficult to reach branches.

For perfect maintenance a sharp blades are narrow scissors or shear is necessary and allow the person to prune the interior and exterior of a tree.

The main goal with pruning is to maintain the plants shape as it grows.

Here are few recommendations of Shears and Scissors for Bonsai pruning.

Best Bonsai Shears and Scissors for 2021

  1. Hanafubuki Wazakura Bonsai Scissors Made in Japan 7inch(180mm), Traditional Black
  2. Wakashishi/Bonsai scissors MADE IN JAPAN 180mm by Wakashishi
  3. ClassicPRO Titanium Pruning Shears
  4. Hanafubuki Wazakura Ashinaga Bonsai Scissors

Read below to further find why they are listed accordingly.

1. Hanafubuki Wazakura Bonsai Scissors Made in Japan 7inch(180mm)

Features List:

  • Bonsai Scissors Size: L7.08 x W2.71 x H0.59 inches (180 x 69 x 15mm)
  • The handles are long for easier cutting range.
  • The length of Blade is 1.57inches(40mm)
  • Weight is 2.82oz(84g)
  • Materials used for this Scissors: S58C black carbon steel
  • Made in Japan (Niigata prefecture)
  • Can also be used for Ikebana flower arrangement, rose, vegetable, fruit, plants and gardening work

2. Wakashishi/Bonsai scissors Made in Japan 180mm by Wakashishi

Features List:

  • Made in Japan
  • Total Length of the Scissors : 7.08 inch
  • Weight : 5.8 ounces or 160 gram
  • Blade Material : SK steel
  • Blade Size: Around 2 inch
  • Item Dimensions: LxWxH 7.09 x 3.66 x 0.63 inches

3. ClassicPRO Titanium Pruning Shears

Features List:

  • Made of High Quality Japanese Grade Stainless Steel Hardened Blades
  • Also includes Protective Titanium coating which helps to decrease friction of blades and offers long-lasting protection against rust corrosion.
  • Features ANTI-SLIP red cushioned long handle grip with shock absorbing pad
  • Body handle are made with Metal Aluminum
  • Best fit for Medium to Large hands and can helps in reducing repetitive hand motion injuries, hand fatigue and wrist strain.
  • Can be used by person suffering Arthritis and Seniors with weak hands.
  • Also features a Micro-metric adjustable system which allows manual adjustment and alignment play of the cutting blade to ensure optimal precise clean cuts.
  • Can Cut Through 1/2′ 3/4′ 1 inch Diameter size branches also depending on the wood species.

4. Hanafubuki Wazakura Ashinaga Bonsai Scissors

Features List:

  • Made in Japan (Niigata prefecture)
  • Scissors Size: L 7.87 x W 3.14 x H 0.59 in (200mm x 80mm x 15mm)
  • Length of Blades: 1.96inches(50mm)
  • Scissors Weight: 5.4oz (154g)
  • Material Used: S58C black carbon steel
  • Ashinaga Long Handle

I hope you find this helpful and be sure to comment your thoughts below.

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