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The Real Cause of "Gun Violence"
Why There is No Sustainable Peace in the World.

Simply put:
the real cause of the incidents of "gun violence" is our punishing people for sleeping (this is real: ask just about any homeless person!). This, of course, is only one example of the very many, socially non-sustainable acts we (we, as in "we, the people") commit against ourselves.

The reason we are so cruel to ourselves is that we are at war perpetually. In times of open warfare when we fight other nations, we direct our cruelty towards them. When there is a lull in the hostilities towards other nations, the cruelty turns inwards and serves "useful" purposes:

We keep ourselves in state of readiness for the next round of open warfare with other nations by stressing ourselves as much as we can--those who can stand the stress less become visible and are eliminated before they can diminish our success on the battlefield. Of course--by their becoming visible many innocent bystanders become a casualty, but that is a price to pay for our being ready for the real war, and despite all the sorry output in the media, the cruelty that we exercise towards ourselves (the real cause of most societal disorders) never diminishes.

The way to eliminate many societal disorders would be to eliminate the stress that we are creating for ourselves in order to be better in fight than any of our real and/or imagined adversaries. We would have to start waging sustainable peace at least as vigorously as we are waging war now. Till we come to this stage, we will continue to suffer increasingly, and no amount of verbiage will ever make any real difference.

Thank you, Hearthstone - ModelEarth.Org .

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