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The Main Advantage of Consciously Designing the Common Reality Cooperatively:
Utter Transparency of All Processes.

(a rough draft)

While constructing, cooperatively putting together a model of an ideal society, it would be impossible to design a system in which all social processes would not be transparent--there would be no point in doing so. Any opacity of any element in the design would/could never be justified--what would be the point of including it in a design that is supposed to depict a desired reality? What advantage would there be in including anything that would not be easy to understand?

Current way of remedying problems within our society consists mostly, if not exclusively, of patching things up, without ever getting close to the root causes of disorders, because the "winners" in social struggle also determine the way how things are run; and since it is to their advantage that the "losers" do not understand the working of the system clearly, despite ever "fixing" any "problems" nothing ever gets fixed conclusively at the point where the causes of disorders themselves should be dealt with. If non-transparency would be done away with--by presenting an ideal state of the society to be striven for designed cooperatively--there would no longer be any space to hide any machinations meant to benefit only a few.

Ambiguities would be impossible to include in the design of the ideal state of the society, because there would be no justification for anyone doing so! If anyone would try to do this, they would be immediately challenged, since everybody would be participating in the design. If any "specialist" would like to introduce any features into the design that would not be understood by other co-designers (virtually any and all people in the world), these features to be introduced would have to be explained in as simple terms as possible and justified fully to all involved in the designing process in order to preserve the transparency of the design. This would of course mean that everybody wanting to share a to all satisfactory reality would have to get fully informed on all pertinent issues. Not an easy task, but possible--this would, of course, also insure the honesty of those "specialists": they could be called to face any consequences of trying to "slip in" any features that would not be consistent with the welfare of all who would be sharing the common reality being designed sooner or later.

Again: a good test of transparency of our common existence design would be to see how well a child could understand the design--the younger the child would be, the more transparent the design would be.

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