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Defining "Sustainability" by Illustrating the Concept Using Modeling
(instead of by merely describing it).

Draft in progress

One great obstacle for achieving a sustainable future for humanity is that the term "sustainability"/"sustainable" is being understood differently by different people. Without understanding what "sustainability" should be about, how can we ever become "sustainable"? There would be less confusion in this if, instead of defining the term by describing it, the definition would be clearly illustrated by modeling any instances of anything "sustainable" in models.

Proving whether anything would or wouldn't be sustainable could be done by "evolving" in models the whatever supposedly sustainable situation from a simple, clearly sustainable one to the desired level, step by step, making sure at each step that the whichever situation depicted would remain strictly sustainable and so be able to demonstrate the sustainability of any supposedly sustainable system in question.

There is a difference between the actual (Darwinian) evolution and the evolution as presented in this kind of modeling:

The actual humankind evolution is being driven, for the most part, by circumstances, not by rational thought.
In modeling a more complex sustainable situation by "evolving" it from a simpler one, the driving force is generated by the situation that is being desired .

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