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Does "Post Carbon" Equal "Nuclear"?
Transition Towns--a Transition to What?

It is becoming obvious that "post carbon" will with certainty mean "nuclear". To unwittingly abet this development by being vague about what the "post carbon" world should look like, it has to be spelled out, as clearly as possible, what the world that we would like to live in should be like. This would remove any uncertainties about what actions to take in order to reach the goal.

It would not matter that many people would not like the ideal--those people would have to come up with a better justifiable goal than the goal of people who really care about this planet.

I think that in defining the desired goal a good start would be an idea that is described in Universal Platform for Developing Sustainable Earth Vision Cooperatively. -

It would be good to hear of other ideas about how to start defining a world that we would like to have for ourselves and our children.

Without striving for a well defined objective, the trends that are underway now will take us to places where we do not want to go.

Thank you, Hearthstone - ModelEarth.Org .

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