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Open Letter to the Tibetan Government.
Attn.: Sikyong Lobsang Sangay and to whom this might concern.

The reason that misery in this world is continuing to increase despite all of us--the people in this world who sincerely mean well--is that we are not united in what the ideal state of this world should be like.

Because of our disunity on what the affairs in the world should ideally be, we very hard work towards mostly different ideals (sometimes even ideals that are contrary to each other), never even knowing that we are doing so.

What has to happen in order that we start seeing any noticeable progress in ameliorating the conditions for life for all beings in this world is that we have to start uniting and harmonizing all the various ideas about what this world should look like at its optimum. Once we start uniting and harmonizing our ideas of what things in the world should ideally be, then all of our well meaning efforts can begin to start bearing meaningful results.

It has to be noted that it is not enough to be against something. The vision of an ideal world that offers the optimal conditions for all Life here has to consist of things that should be in such a world. The vision cannot contain elements that there should not be, naturally. We cannot continue to be against some things, no matter how outrages those thins are, without starting being for wholesome things that we all do want to have in an ideal world.

There are some suggestions how all this could be done at www.ModelEarth.Org . Please consider those.

Thank you sincerely -

Mr. Jan Hearthstone.


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