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What Would Make Non-Violence Work?
(Start of a draft)

What would make non-violent means of resolving differences work? One thing that could make non-violent means work could be to present all parties in a conflict with a vision/depiction of a situation in which all of them are living in harmony with all others.

It is easier for an individual to achieve a goal when they know what the goal is. It is much harder for a great number of individuals, no matter how well-meaning they might be, to achieve a lasting peace anywhere (be it a region, or the whole world), since each of them might have a vastly different idea of what such a "peace" should look like. Resolving our differences in real life prevents us from getting any satisfactory results--there is too much real waste of resources, time, and lives being made.

A unification, harmonization of all these ideas of what a lasting world peace should look like have to take place before any hopes for a satisfactory results can be achieved, so that resolving our differences doesn't take place in real life, causing real waste of resources, time, lives ...

Ideas (of what-so-ever origin) could be used to put together a representation of an ideal situation in which all parties, involved in whatsoever conflict, coexist in benign harmony. In this way it would not matter who presents what suitable ideas, but it would matter how successful those ideas would be for modeling/visioning the ideal situation. "Suitable" ideas would be such that would consider the optimal well-being of all life on Earth.

Once there a discernible vision of how all the participants of a conflict could successfully share a common ground at the same time, it would become more attractive to concentrate on how to achieve the vision--all other goings on (that preoccupied everybody involved in the conflict before) would fade out gradually, because the common goal would be now visible to all.

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