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Transparently Sustainable Crestone Vision.

What should Crestone be like at its most sustainable? I am very curious about what people might imagine under "sustainable Crestone".

Here is my "bare bones" vision of what truly sustainable Crestone should look like:

The area where today's Crestone is situated is visited only seasonally by people on foot who come here to avail themselves of resources that cannot be gotten anywhere else.

They do not stay in this area permanently, because it is much easier to spend the season of inclement weather in much more benign zones, and come here only when the weather permits.

They come on foot, because any other way of getting from one place to another is not sustainable on dry land. They do not have any beasts of burden, because enslaving anyone (human, or otherwise) is an impossibility to them morally.

Human population level globally is low enough to allow anyone to live anywhere they like, with plenty of room to spare.

What is your "vision" of a sustainable Crestone?

Thank you, Hearthstone - www.ModelEarth.Org .

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