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The State of the Ideal Earth Design.

I am trying to find out what is there in the world that deals with collectively designing how we all should ideally exist together in this world.

Currently there is no clearly defined, referable to, by anyone accessible and by anyone amendable model of an ideal, sustainable Earth yet.

Listed bellow are some of the most prominent, promising, for modeling the ideal state of the Earth potentially important concepts:

Donella Meadows concept of "envisioning"/"visioning".

Donella Meadows' "envisioning"/"visioning" (Meadows 1996) concept owes its origin to Robert Fritz's TFC (Technologies For Creating) as originally introduced in his The Path of Least Resistance (Fritz 1984).
The Donella Meadows' "envisioning"/"visioning" cannot really be properly understood without understanding the very clear Robert Fritz's TFC concept (Fritz 1984) of creating results that we want.
Please see author's
Donella Meadows' "Visioning": Global Citizens Designing a Sustainable World Together. (Hearthstone 2009)

Robert Jungk's "future workshops" ("Zukunftwerkstätte") (Jungk 1987)

Any of the examples of consensual common reality vision creating based on Robert Jungk's "future workshops" that I found so far don't go beyond the scope of a local community, with no results that could really be called "sustainable".

R. Buckminster Fuller's World Game - please read: R. Buckminster Fuller's World Game and ModelEarth.

ESDA (Future Search)

ESDA's Envisioning a Sustainable and Desirable America -
This "Future Search" ( ?, ?) based consensus building system is really not a careful combined "... vision" of more participants, but a forecast 100 years into the future depicting a situation that seems to be on the way to a not clearly declared ideal, "... agreed [on] a set of 'realistic' assumptions both about people and the rest of the world that embodied the latest scientific research findings....".
The impression I got was a depiction of a not quite sustainable future (this future has some hi-tech features in it that would be impossible to manufacture and maintain by socially and ecologically sustainable methods, in my opinion) that still was evolving to some unspecified ideal--the time in this particular vision of a future in 100 years depicted by three "visitors" was very clearly linear, still evolving to something else; time in any vision of an ideal (even though the ideal itself might be evolving continuously due to us as yet unseen causes) is cyclical--only seasons, moon phases, etc. change in an ideal reality.
Please, do read "Envisioning a Sustainable and Desirable America".
I have been trying to find out from the participants and from the people who facilitate "future search" how exactly the "forecast" described above was arrived at, but so far with no success.

All those who are currently planning, designing the future for any geographical localities should coordinate their efforts with all others who are doing the same, as no locality exists independently from all others--all those localities depend and influence each other on the entire global level. How should this be accomplished? It would save a great deal of energy, time, and resources.


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Meadows, Donella H. "Envisioning a Sustainable World." is online: (accessed 10/06/2009)
It is a must read document; it explains best what Donella Meadows' "visioning" is.

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