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My Comment to Solutions Journal Article:
"Creating a Game Plan for the Transition to a Sustainable U.S. Economy."

Jeffrey Hollender , Gar Alperovitz, Christina Asquith, Bill Becker, Robert Costanza, Elliot Hoffman, Ellen Kahler, David Levine , Hunter Lovins, David Rapaport
originally online: (link doesn't work all the time)
The article saved from on my site:here

This article represents what the state of designing an ideal Earth is today--nowhere near to actually starting portraying of what this world should be like in order to be the optimal home to us all (human, non-human) alike.
There is nothing lacking to start modeling such an optimal world. All the data needed are freely available. All the knowledge needed for such an undertaking is available...
It is as if an evil witch put a kibosh on any efforts to start improving the conditions for life on Earth.
Nobody came after Robert Jungk to develop his ideas.
Nobody came after Donella Meadows...
Nothing came of ESDA (Envisioning a Sustainable and Desirable America)...
All they seem to have engendered is a huge flock of enterprises, but no model, no vision to be seen anywhere.
Even if we were after the point of no return on our way to meet the horrible consequences of humankind's blind doings, the ideal would greatly mollify the impact. and perhaps, would give hope to the survivors that they could do better then the barbarians who caused the devastation.
Presenting a possible Heaven on Earth would give a direction away from forever desperately, hopelessly trying to fix the heaping damage.

Thank you, Mr. Jan Hearthstone - ModelEarth.Org

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