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To Whom a Satisfactory Future of the Earth Might Concern:

I think that humankind has no chance of achieving any satisfactory future for this planet, if we continue managing it the way we have been doing till now. Although we might have some success in dealing with some problems we are facing, on the whole the state of the planet is not improving. This is due, I feel, to the fact that on the individual level we mostly are aiming for different ideals of what the ideal state of the world should be. All the differences that there exist among our ideas about what the ideal world should look get resolved in real time and space accompanied by great waste of time, waste of resources, environmental destruction, and loss of human lives.

So far this approach--dealing with problems stemming from our past mistakes--has been resulting, on the whole, in progressively damaging the environment and the human society.

A way of avoiding this waste would be to for all of us who have a stake in the future of the world to decide what the ideal world optimally suitable for all life on Earth should be; the challenge here would be to arrive at a model that would be acceptable by all; to unite all of the diverse notions about the matter into one model.

It could be safely assumed that any acceptable reality for this planet should be environmentally and socially sustainable. This sustainable reality might mean a many things to just as many people though; to some it might mean a very simple horticultural lifestyle, while to others it might be living sustainably enjoying all imaginable technological comforts.

It would be possible accommodate a whole range of sustainable lifestyles on one Earth providing that all of these would be provably, demonstrably sustainable in models (before those could be proven and demonstrated to be truly sustainable in reality). I write about this in "Universal Platform for Developing Sustainable Earth Vision Cooperatively: Global Citizens Envisioning the Future Together" - www.ModelEarth.Org/seed.html .

It would be a way of dealing with problems before those would materialize, not dealing with problems after they manifest, as the usual way is now-a-days when humanity is problem driven, not knowing quite well to what places we are being driven to.

I am trying to find people who would implement this idea, I think the times are more than ripe for it. I myself cannot do much more. I am old and not in good health, I think I brought this concept as far as I could.

Please, at least, would you tell me what you think about the whole thing. I would very much appreciate your thoughts on the subject.

Thank you sincerely,

Mr. Jan Hearthstone, ModelEarth.Org

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