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Designing a Lasting World Peace Together.
(Translated to Esperanto)

Over the ages most people always desired to live in a permanent state of peace; they prayed for it, imagined it, worked for it continuously since time immemorial. Lasting "Peace on Earth" is the goal of many religions and philosophies.
The reason that, so far, no lasting peace in the world materialized yet is due to our (sometimes great) differences in what we mean when we say "peace on Earth". Since we do not have a unified, common idea of the concept, "peace on Earth" can never happen. Instead we always end up fighting for our version of "peace", and we wonder why any lasting "Peace on Earth" never really comes about.

Knowing that every time of peace in human history ended in a war, what should "Peace on Earth" look like, so it would not result in a war again?

Unless we can answer this question, we can never achieve real "Peace on Earth".

We should learn how to imagine, in as much detail as possible, what would constitute a real "Peace on Earth", and then, since we each would have a different concept of the idea, we should learn how to reconcile all our differences in order to arrive at a unified idea of what "Peace on Earth" should be, because only one version of by all shared reality can manifest at a time, unless each of our versions were truly sustainable--more on this in Universal Platform for Developing Sustainable Earth Vision Co-operatively.

We have to ensure that our reality is one that would be accepted by all of us who are to experience it--hence we have to first "design" our common reality to be shared by all of us in models (or using what-so-ever expedient means: "gedanken experiments", round-table discussions, etc.); we have to see that we like it, and then we set out to materialize it coherently together, cooperating closely and enthusiastically.

Unifying and reconciling of all the different ideas that we might have about the future of the Earth in a model (or using whatever appropriate means), and then working towards this unified ideal would prevent conflicts from happening in real life, since, after all, wars happen because people go to war so that peace happens their way.

So that we do indeed arrive at a reality that would be preferred by all, we have to first see what it actually is that we, collectively, want! Unless we can agree on what it is that we collectively want, we would merely continue to strive for a reality that we would like to experience individually--and this would, of course, result in reconciling of our differences in real life, with all the accompanying suffering that we are familiar with: social and environmental degradation that happens only because we don't agree on what should be the best for all of us. In other words--instead of reconciling of our differences harmlessly in models (or by using any other expedient means), we let our differences to reconcile in real life causing real harm and grief.

A wish:
May all differences, all controversies, conflicts, and all complaints that there are among all of us who share this planet be resolved harmlessly in meditations, prayers, models--using what-so-ever wholesome, expedient, and appropriate means--to benefit all beings, starting with all beings that there are here and now in this world! May there be no one in this world who would not benefit optimally!

May humans become fully ecologically and socially forever transparently sustainable for their own good and for the benefit of all beings!

Find, or imagine that there is, a mental space in which all the ideas of what anyone might think that their future should look like would be reconciled with each other, so that conflicts in real life would be prevented from occurring.

Please dedicate your practice to the optimal benefit of all beings of all three times and ten directions of space, starting here and now on Earth.

Thank you, sincerely -
Mr. Jan Hearthstone - ModelEarth.Org

If we, the people, were really sincere about having real Peace in the world, we would use peaceful means to create Peace in the world rather than rely on the military!

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