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To Those Following in the Footsteps of Robert Jungk, R. Buckminster Fuller, Donella H. Meadows, and Others ...
(draft in progress)

It was clear to Robert Jungk, R. Buckminster Fuller, Donella H. Meadows, and many others that a good future for the Earth had to be designed with the participation of all who had an interest in realization of such a future, but, so far, no progress in this is happening yet.

There is a need for all of us who are trying to follow in all the above mentioned footsteps to unite our efforts, to cooperate with each other on a way to make it possible for everyone with a stake in a satisfactory future to be able to compare one's ideas about what a satisfactory future for the Earth should be with the ideas of others on the basis of all of our knowledge of Earth and societal processes, in order to make our efforts for a good future effective.

The end product of our efforts should be a visible portrayal of what our world should look like, a portrayal that would be continuously developed by all, and used as a reference for us to see our progress towards our commonly held ideal.

As of yet, this still is not happening. Effort is being wasted. The need to unify our diverse ideas of what the ideal future of Earth should be like remains unfulfilled.

To quote Donella Meadows (at the end of the subchapter of chapter 8 of Limits to Growth: The 30-Year Update (Meadows 2004) titled "Truth-Telling"):

All the models, including the ones in our heads, are a little right, much too simple, and mostly wrong. How do we proceed in such a way as to test our models and learn where they are right and wrong? How do we speak to each other as fellow modelers with an appropriate mixture of scepticism and respect?...


Robert Jungk

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