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The Necessary Qualities of Sustainable Earth Vision.

A sustainable Earth vision has to be universal--it has to optimally accommodate everyone's personal vision of what a sustainable life on Earth should be like.

A sustainable Earth vision cannot be proscriptive; It has to be descriptive, and it has to justify every aspect/element that it comprises, and it has to show why things in the vision are depicted the way they are.

By showing why the components of the vision are supposed to be the way they are, a sustainable Earth vision would educate. This education would enable the participants of the vision creation to continually improve on the vision while actively implementing it.

Furthermore - by actively participating at realizing the vision people would learn "hands on the job". This education would would become a second nature to humans; always showing why it is necessary to optimally accommodate all others within the vision along with one's own self.

Maintaining the vision to be harmonious, while continuously fine-tuning it, will become a worthy life's purpose, it will become a universal cultural trait--a thing necessary for humanity not to relapse into our current way of dealing with life and the environment.

Thank you, Hearthstone.

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