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Misconceptions About Donella Meadows' "Visioning"/"Envisioning".

The bellow writing is my reaction to a post at the "Crestone Tribe" Yahoo! Group--"Crestone-Baca Master Plan Community Meetings" -

The term "visioning"(mentioned in "Crestone-Baca Master Plan Community Meetings") is diverging from its original (in the context of "sustainability") meaning--compare Donella Meadows' "visioning"/"envisioning" (I write about Donella Meadows' "visioning"/"envisioning" in "Donella Meadows' Visioning: Global Citizens Designing a Sustainable World Together.") - with what the Sonoran Institute understands under this term.

The Sonoran Institute website--search results for "visioning":

the Sonoran Institute website--Mission and Vision:

There seems to be quite a difference between the Donella Meadows' "visioning" and the Sonoran Institute's one; I do not mean to belittle the Sonoran Institute's efforts, but, perhaps, more can not be done currently?

Thank you, Mr. Jan Hearthstone - ModelEarth.Org

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