The idea of designing the future collaboratively--"
ModelEarth" (a working name for the idea) --is based on

Mahayana Philosophy


on the basic idea--that we need to know that we want to achieve well enough before we can actually strive to achieve it--contained in

The Path of Least Resistance by Robert Fritz
Salem, MA, DMA, Inc., 1984, ISBN: 0-930641-00-0.,

a book whose ideas I paraphrase and quote often, not always acknowledging this in these pages.

I am grateful to
Cabrillo College, and to my Alma Mater--University of Hawai'i--for giving me the education that I need for what I want to do--please see my CV and my "Statement of Purpose"!


to the optimal physical and mental well-being of all beings anywhere and anytime.

May all differences and conflicts that there are among beings in this world resolve harmlessly in meditation, with prayers, in gedanken experiments, in models, before those differences resolve in real life, not infrequently causing real harm to beings involved.

!OmManiPadmeHum! - a meditation that focuses on establishing harmony across the whole spectrum of all life.

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