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Articles and Papers. (Mostly drafts.)

The essential writings are above the line.

How I arrived at the concept of designing the future collectively.

The State of the Ideal Earth Design. (Draft)

Home: The Very "Leverage Point". (Draft)

Let Us Do Something About the Future Now! Not After It Happens.

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Marx's "XI"th Thesis on Feuerbach is Not Explicit Enough.

Grass Roots Government--by All for All.

This Paradise Earth: Philosophy in Practice

My "Statement of Purpose". (Draft)

Preventing a Ton of Cure:
Disaster Preparedness.

An Appeal to Academia

Defining "Sustainability" by Illustrating the Concept Using Modeling
(instead of by merely describing it)

The Ideal Sustainable Earth Model: Proposal.

An open letter to the Obamas concerning creating a lasting peace in the Middle East, and ultimately in the whole world.

Defining Ecological and Social Sustainability by Designing Real Life Situations in Models. (Draft)

Designing the Ideal Collectively, Resolving Conflicts:

Capitalism with a Human Face:
A Proposal.

Evaluation of "Visioning" as Used in Community Planning
and Comparing it to "Visioning" for a Sustainable Future.

(the very start of a draft)

The Main Advantage of Consciously Designing the Common Reality Cooperatively:
Utter Transparency of All Processes.

Defining Sustainability: Community Size.

Can Ecological Sustainability Be Enforced?
(start of a draft)

Mother Bear Was Killed.

The Necessary Qualities of Sustainable Earth Vision.

Ecologically and Socially Sustainable Crestone.

Improving on the Design.

"Steady State Economy": Evaluation.

Mahayana: Cause and Effect.

Designing a Sustainable Community: The Ongoing "Master Plan".

Open Letter to the Tibetan Government.

The Existence of "Homelessness" Epitomizes Our "Civilization" Perfectly.

"Gun Control" is Socially Non-Sustainable.

"Deradicalizing": Creating Global NGO Ombudsman Fora.

What Would Make Non-Violence Work?
Start of a draft.

Is (En)Visioning Necessary for Establishing a Sustainable World? - Would Collaborative Modeling Do?

John Lennon's "Imagine" and Designing the Future of the Earth Collectively.

Indigenous Hawai'ian Culture
Ecological and Social Sustainability.

Does "Post Carbon" Equal "Nuclear"?
Transition Towns--a Transition to What?

Philosophy for Sustainability.

O Bodhisattvas! (Draft)

About ModelEarth.

To Those Following in the Footsteps of Robert Jungk, R. Buckminster Fuller, Donella H. Meadows, and Others ...

Grassroots Government:
The World's Ombudsman.

R. Buckminster Fuller's World Game and ModelEarth.

R. Buckminster Fuller's World Game and ModelEarth-02.

Sustainability Starts at Home. (Draft)

Why Prayers, Meditations, Wishes, and Any Such Don't Help to Establish a Lasting Peace in the World. (Draft)

Crisis: Taking Care of the Basics. (Draft)

The Real Cause of "Gun Violence".

Print a Brochure!

My Communications to Solutions Journal.

Misconceptions About Donella Meadows' "Visioning"/"Envisioning".

Open Letter to Bhutan Prime Minister Lyonchoen Jigme Y. Thinley.

Transparently Sustainable Crestone.

To Whom a Satisfactory Future of the Earth Might Concern.

"Solar Village": What is missing in this picture?

Designing a Sustainable Sebastopol: The Ongoing "Master Plan".

More Drafts, Articles, Writings


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