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The Ideal Sustainable Earth Model: Proposal.
(rough draft)

Before we can start hoping for living in a better world, we have to have an idea what such a "better", ideal world should be like. An idea that we could collectively (all of us who want to have a stake in the future of this world) agree upon.

The difference between settling of our controversies in models, or by any other appropriate means before we set out to start creating our common future on this planet, and each of us aiming for a different kind of a world, and settling our differences in real life would mean, in many cases, a difference between life and death of many; By settling our differences beforehand we would also save much time and resources--both becoming scarce.

In my opinion, when we do eventually start coming up with possible blueprints for our commonly shared planet that we have been working on together collectively, those scenarios would depict humanity that would be living sustainably, if only because to live sustainably means to live in a transparent, to everyone a sense making way. It would be impossible to justify any other than a transparent way of life in any kind of a model, if only because any other than a transparent process would be impossible to present reliably in a model.

Once the need for living transparently sustainably becomes apparent, it would become clear that it would be possible to accommodate any and all possible ways of sustainable living on Earth, providing that those ways would indeed be sustainable--provable to be sustainable by their being possible to be represented in models, as only transparently understandable processes can really be represented in models (please see footnote 2). At the same time it would be possible to show that all other species can share the same planet without being endangered by humans in any way, providing that the total human population would be only as large as needed for humankind's physical and cultural survival.

The need for designing a sustainable world co-operatively is explained at "The Need for Designing the Future Collaboratively"

One simple way of making sure that a purported sustainable way of life would indeed be sustainable would be to develop it from a simple, very clearly sustainable way of life (hunter/gatherer, horticulturist, and such similar), and, step by step, "evolve" it to the desired level of complexity of sustainability, at each step making sure that the developing design remains transparently sustainable.

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