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"Gun Control" is Socially Non-Sustainable.

The ideal world is a sustainable world (sustainable both--ecologically and socially) where each action (both--ecological and political) makes the world more balanced.

Currently the world is mostly being shaped by decisions made with only a shortsighted concern about those decisions' effects. We are inured to this non-sustainable way of dealing with the majority of our problems.

The campaign against the ownership of weapons is socially non-sustainable, because it does not deal with the underlying causes of problems connected with gun ownership. It creates a large group of people who feel, undoubtedly, that they being wronged. Their discontent will be creating many new problems ceaselessly.

Socially sustainable solution to this would be to deal with the causes--try to do away with the need for having to own guns, and to find and deal with the causes of societal stress that causes most of antisocial behavior.

All parties to any conflict should "sit down" together to workout together what their mutual, to all agreeable co-existence should be, and from there start making it a reality. They would address the causes of the whichever problem, and deal with those to resolve those.

Thank you, Hearthstone - ModelEarth.Org .

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