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Grass Roots Government--by All for All.

A community governed by grass root government is governed by a master plan (note1), a "social contract", that is perpetually being improved upon by all of the citizens' ideas about what their optimal existence should be like. These ideas are being evaluated on their own merit, not by who inputs these ideas. Everyone is invited to this cooperative effort.

The vetting of ideas being inputted is based on how well these ideas would contribute to the overall harmony of the entire system in the whole span of the spectrum--from a family to the whole world--with all of its human and non-human members alike.

This cooperatively being created master plan governs the society by being authoritative; this quality is caused by the transparency of its creation. Everyone is able to scrutinize every idea being inputted and implemented in the plan. Everyone is being governed by ideas that they have control over.

There are no leaders and their followers--only ideas that contribute to the optimal welfare of every single member of the system and to the welfare of the whole system lead and are being followed.


Master Plan (One could substitute "vision", "model" for the term "master plan"--see synonyms bellow):
Some synonyms of "master plan":
Blueprint, design, program, project, road map, scheme, strategy (from among other terms).

Ecologically and Socially Sustainable Education: Creating a Sustainable World.

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