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Improving on the Design.

Banning the private ownership of weapons will not prevent insanity. Insanity that is caused by flaws in the design of our society that manifest themselves in our reality as societal stress. The very same flaws that allowed the existence of slavery, lynchings, flaws that cause the existence of abject social injustices--homelessness, the normality of torture ...

We might abolish slavery, end lynchings, superficially address homelessness and other social ills, but because we do not deal with the basic flaws that give rise to the above, these flaws will continue to manifest themselves in troublesome symptoms perpetually.

We not only have to do away with the flaws in the design underlying our society, but we have introduce into this design elements that would cause desirable effects. What might constitute "desirable effects" would (hopefully) open a discussion for which there still might be enough time.

Thank you sincerely,
Mr. Jan Hearthstone - ModelEarth.Org .

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