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Deradicalizing: Creating Global NGO Ombudsman Fora

Many young citizens of democratic countries are joining the fight in the Middle East on the side of ISIS. But is tightened security and attempts to "deradicalize" (a very vague term, no one really knows what to "deradicalize" should look like) the would-be radical Islamic fighters an effective approach to this problem?

In the most democratic countries there is this problem, let alone in countries with authoritarian governments: there are many people who are dissatisfied with their lot, who have nowhere to go and complain. Those people either try to bear their predicament the best they can, or they try to improve their existence by illicit means.

I think that a better approach to this would be to try to find out what makes those people discontent to the point to want to join the enemies of their countries, or to engage in antisocial behavior, and then try find ways addressing the causes.

From all the available ways of dealing with any such and similar problems the most adoptable one, I think, could be the institution of Ombudsman in the form of NGO fora, applied fully independently of any existent forms government, where the people could present their discontent, the causes of it could be discerned, and meaningful recommendations for how to deal with those causes could be made.


Thank you, Hearthstone - www.ModelEarth.Org .

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