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Defining Sustainability: Community Size.

What the ideal size of an ecologically and socially sustainable community should be is seldom mentioned anywhere. What criteria should be helpful in deciding of what the size of a sustainable community should be?

Different people might start defining an "ecologically and socially sustainable community" in different ways;
I would like to suggest that any definitions relating to an "ecologically and socially sustainable community" should start with a theoretical sustainable community that would be fully sustainable in all respects: it would be situated in one location, it would also get all it needs for all it requires from the same locality.
Such a community would probably not exist in reality, but it would be helpful to imagine, to model such a community in order to start asking questions about some basic prerequisites, one of which would be--
how many people should comprise such a community? What number of people forming a socially sustainable community would be too many? too few?

I think that a sustainable community should not exceed the point after which not everybody would know everybody else well--meaning that everybody would know what everybody else's function in the community is, and how well they are exercising their function.

So that a community is socially sustainable, the governance of such a community should be as transparent as possible, because the best government is one that is not needed, to put it simply.

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