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(Mostly drafts)

Direct Route to Sustainability:
Using the Natural Right to Live Sustainably.

Petri Dish Called Earth.

Our Troubled Science:
Why We Are Descending into Dark Ages.

Letter to sci-fi writers and fans.

Designing a Sustainable Community.

The Natural Right to Live Sustainably:
Humans Still Have a Chance.

(A draft--in progress.)

Ecologically and Socially Sustainable Transportation.


Designing the Future of the Earth Collectively:
A Grand Unification of All Science Effected by Making All Available Knowledge Useful for Solving Earth's Problems.

Natural Human Rights
Ecological and Social Sustainability.

Good Homes, not More Prisons is the Answer.


Designing a Lasting World Peace:
To Whom This Might Concern.

The Right to Keep and Bear Arms vs. the Natural Rights.

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