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Preventing a Ton of Cure:
Disaster Preparedness.

Disasters, be they natural or human made, do occur--they have been occurring all throughout human history, they occur nowadays; they are nothing new to us. They do not surprise us.

Sadly though, whenever a disaster causing human and material damages happens, we act very shocked and surprised, time after time again. I say "act", because we should not, really, act surprised each time a disaster causes life loss and damage, wherever this might happen in the world, because we know of the possibility of disasters happening just about at any place on Earth, and we can envision what damages might occur at those places at such times.

Common sense dictates that it would be much wiser to prevent and to mitigate any possible effects of any disaster before it happens! I am sure that the state of the art of our science is such that we already are aware of the inadequacy of our disaster preparedness--why don't we use our capabilities, our knowledge to be ready (better than we are now) in case of disasters, and more importantly--why don't we do everything humanly possible to prevent the terrible damages and life loss that happen every so often, before a disaster does happen?

All this that I write is very trite, but it is true--time after time again. We know that disasters do happen; we know very well what the aftermath of any potential disaster anywhere in the world could be, and yet--anytime a disaster strikes, we play the same game over and over again. We feel very sorry for the victims, we feed the huge relief industry with our money, and we are ready for the next round, without ever trying to address the problem at where it might be stemming from well enough to make a difference.

Wouldn't it be much more humane to become concerned before disasters happen, and feel compassion for our neighbors before something preventable happens and causes grief to them?

Here is what I would like to suggest:
Let us have a look all over the globe, and let us try to imagine what damages could happen should a disaster, natural or otherwise, happen there.
Let us do get prepared for any relief that might be necessary in the future for after any disaster might happen, but--let us also start suggesting what the optimal conditions at each potential disaster site would have to be to make damage and loss of life minimal, should a disaster happen there.

May all these suggestions be made "visible" in models that would be accessible to anyone on the Internet, or by using what-so-ever media available, and may all this be open to critique and input by anyone who might feel that they may have some ideas pertinent to the subject to offer.
It would not be realistic to expect that all of these suggestions of how the ideal situations in which as little damage and life loss would happen in case of disasters would be immediately followed up upon, but, all of these suggestions would be there to be implemented when possible. The models would be there for anyone to see where to put their efforts into before anything bad happens, rather than be ever so concerned after a disaster strikes.

The news that we hear on the radio on the TV, etc., after each disaster strikes are the wrong kind of news. What the news should be about every day, should be about how we are preventing the next disaster from happening! About what the potential dangers are where, and about what should be done so that the next disaster, should it happen, would cause as little damage as possible.

Thank you sincerely - Hearthstone - www.ModelEarth.Org .

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