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Mother Bear Was Killed.
(Reaction to an article in the Crestone Eagle)

Since times immemorial bears have been living in the mountains and the terrain where Crestone and Baca exist currently, perfectly fitting in, their lives regulated by the usual seasonal changes. All this till humans in numbers suddenly appeared, bringing with them a change that is impossible for bears and other local life to adapt to successfully.

Do all of those who oppose the mother bear's killing understand that their (and others', including those who are indifferent to the bear's killing) presence in the bears' habitat is directly the cause of her death?

The bears' and other wildlife's life-styles are incompatible with the life-style humans lead. The animals indigenous to this region would normally (without humans settled here) live in a direct relationship to their environment, in tune with it, whereas humans that presently are here live off the entire planet in a way that is, by now, thoroughly out of tune with the Earth natural processes, interfering with most life on it.

The only hope for bears and humans alike is for humans to start living with (rather than off) their environment, fully sustainably in a very transparent, non-ambiguous manner that would match the natural life-style of all other life on Earth. Only thus the humans could expiate the transgressions that they are committing against their own and others' lives.

Thank you,

Mr. Jan Hearthstone - www.ModelEarth.Org .

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